Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Mehron is better than Ben Nye

THIS is why Beauty and the Beast Costumes only sells Mehron brand cosmetics.  We rent costumes to school plays and the general public.  The average performer has little or no training in the proper way to apply and set make up, therefore, the make up ends up all over the costume.  With Mehron brand, that's not big problem.  A few squirts of Greased Lightning, a little rub and into the washing machine it goes with a little bleach.  When it comes out, it's bright white again and ready to go.

If this had been Ben Nye foundation, I would have to throw the shirt away.  That stuff is like smearing BARN PAINT on costumes.  It never washes out.  So, while I understand that some theater departments swear by the stuff and insist that their performers use it, they will have to understand that my rental costumes are more valuable to me than a few make up sales.  My customers deserve better.  Beauty and the Beast customers deserve clean, UN-stained costumes and MERHON brand make up.

Cosplayers!  Don't listen to the Ben Nye only snobs.  You spent a lot of money on your costumes.  You probably spent a lot of time and effort making them from scratch or modifying and accessorizing the perfect purchased piece.  You want your costumes to be perfect every time you wear them, so use Mehron make ups.  They look great, cost less and WASH OUT when accidents happen.

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