Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easter's on it's way!

Mardi Gras is officially over.  It's Ash Wednesday and time to look forward to Easter Bunnies and Passion Plays.  Beauty and the Beast is the best place to rent or purchase every thing you need for the event.  Be sure to get in and put a deposit down to reserve a Bunny as soon as possible to be sure you get a super cute one.  Deluxe bunnies are $55 rentals, regular bunnies are $45.  Rental period is two days through the week or the Weekend is Friday to Monday.  NO FREE TIME EXTENSIONS on Bunnies!  They are in short supply and keep us jumping as it is.

Church passion plays may choose to rent Roman Solider costumes for $35 each, including helmet and sword.  Biblical robes for Mary, Joseph and the shepherds are $15.  Wise men / Kings are $25 to $35 each and include simple head dresses.  More deluxe crowns are available to for sale.

Since Beauty and the Beast has such a wide selection of Roman Soldier complete costumes or individual accessories pieces sold separately, we're providing a list with photos and prices to help your with your budgeting needs.

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