Monday, March 3, 2014

Little House of Horrors Revived

Looks like our dear friend John B. Johnson will be breathing new, albeit undead, life into The Little House of Horrors name.  Mad Doctor Johnson has been doing a lot of horror make up around town lately, including some of the Lake WinneSPOOKah haunted house workers.  He has been more visible in the make up tents at the Chattanooga Zombie Walk

The rise of Zombies, and the living who love them, has sent Mad Doc Jonson running to his lab to work on zombie appliances.  Currently, he is cranking out bites and gashes for his own use, but by summer, he will be marketing his designs through Beauty and the Beast under the Little House of Horrors logo. 

1 comment:

  1. Well, I've only been going on about this for how many years, now? Better that Brace-Face start pulling his own weight for a change. How many times has this freeloader kicked back and watched as we (you two in particular) took the proverbial financial bath as we did what we loved and attempted to make a few sheckles in the process. How many times did we say "Never Again!" as the lupine pest lolled at the door, and every year we did the same thing because WE LOVED IT? All I'm saying is it's about time Bracie became a contributing member of our group. Peace, Out. :-D