Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Mehron is better than Ben Nye

THIS is why Beauty and the Beast Costumes only sells Mehron brand cosmetics.  We rent costumes to school plays and the general public.  The average performer has little or no training in the proper way to apply and set make up, therefore, the make up ends up all over the costume.  With Mehron brand, that's not big problem.  A few squirts of Greased Lightning, a little rub and into the washing machine it goes with a little bleach.  When it comes out, it's bright white again and ready to go.

If this had been Ben Nye foundation, I would have to throw the shirt away.  That stuff is like smearing BARN PAINT on costumes.  It never washes out.  So, while I understand that some theater departments swear by the stuff and insist that their performers use it, they will have to understand that my rental costumes are more valuable to me than a few make up sales.  My customers deserve better.  Beauty and the Beast customers deserve clean, UN-stained costumes and MERHON brand make up.

Cosplayers!  Don't listen to the Ben Nye only snobs.  You spent a lot of money on your costumes.  You probably spent a lot of time and effort making them from scratch or modifying and accessorizing the perfect purchased piece.  You want your costumes to be perfect every time you wear them, so use Mehron make ups.  They look great, cost less and WASH OUT when accidents happen.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New for Saint Patrick's Day, 2014

Long awaited and often requested, Beauty and the Beast has brand new adult sized Leprechaun rentals for ladies and men.  At $35 each, these have been remarkably popular.  Several have already gone out for Olympics parties (representing Ireland) and one is currently out as the Wizard of Oz himself.

Rentals include Jacket, vest and pants for both, plus the bow tie for men.  Shirts and hats are not included. 

The hats shown are $6.00 each, retail.

Male red wig is the "Billionaire" - Donald Trump style - from Rubies.

Also available for sale is a Leprechaun kit consisting of hat, vest, bow tie and beard.  Shown below,  pipe sold separately.

Beauty and the Beast also stocks green bow ties, feather boas and a variety of green wigs. 

 Hats:  $6.00 each.  As shown above, the top hat never looks quite as straight as manufacturer's photo in real life.

Boas:  $7.00 each.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Retro Simplicity Patterns

Pattern companies, most notably Simplicity or McCall's, often produce a short run of a pattern based on a popular movie or play.  There have been many of these through the years including everything from 'Wizard of Oz' to 'Brave'.  I tend to snatch these up whenever I see them for future use at Beauty and the Beast.  Frequently, that pattern hording tenancy pays off.

While many people might know that the Titanic sank in 1912, you may not make the connection that the Broadway plays "Music Man" and "My Fair Lady" were both set in the same year.  "Mary Poppins" was set only 2 years prior in 1910.   Since "Music Man" is returning as a popular High School play, I'm very happy that I collected many of the patterns produced along the way as most are currently out of print.  It is always a challenge to have a large  enough variety of costumes on stage to keep a large chorus from looking like a series of twins or triplets, yet still look like they all go together.

Currently, the "My Fair Lady" pattern shown above is being adapted into costumes for the society ladies, most noted for their song "Pick a Little, Talk a Little".  The sharp eyed observer might also see where the patterns below were used for the other town's people in an up coming performance at a local school or around the shop for other projects.  But don't go rushing to the store to pick up a copy for yourself, if you didn't buy them when they first came out, they are long gone now.

So what should the well meaning, forward thinking costumer do?  Always watch for sales on patterns at your local fabric or hobby shop.  When you see anything that might be interesting, pick it up in all the available sizes. You never know when they might be useful, and you never know what SIZE you will need for yourself or someone else in a group.  

Personally, I've very excited about Simplicity producing a line of  "Retro" patterns.  They even gave the Retro Patterns their own category heading in the new catalogs so they are easier to find.  Historical character costumes are always in demand.  If you wait until you actually need one to purchase it, you may not be able to find a suitable pattern, or if you do, it may be at an exorbitant price, or only available in "used" condition.  So shop smart and shop often to build up your own stock pile of patterns for future use.

Pro Tip:  When you have a lot of patterns, it's difficult to find the one you want in your stash.  Photo copy the Black and White sketch on the instructions and file them in a binder.  Then store your patterns in numerical order.  You can quickly find the pattern you need in your binder, then look it up in your storage bins or drawers by the number, just like at the store.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easter's on it's way!

Mardi Gras is officially over.  It's Ash Wednesday and time to look forward to Easter Bunnies and Passion Plays.  Beauty and the Beast is the best place to rent or purchase every thing you need for the event.  Be sure to get in and put a deposit down to reserve a Bunny as soon as possible to be sure you get a super cute one.  Deluxe bunnies are $55 rentals, regular bunnies are $45.  Rental period is two days through the week or the Weekend is Friday to Monday.  NO FREE TIME EXTENSIONS on Bunnies!  They are in short supply and keep us jumping as it is.

Church passion plays may choose to rent Roman Solider costumes for $35 each, including helmet and sword.  Biblical robes for Mary, Joseph and the shepherds are $15.  Wise men / Kings are $25 to $35 each and include simple head dresses.  More deluxe crowns are available to for sale.

Since Beauty and the Beast has such a wide selection of Roman Soldier complete costumes or individual accessories pieces sold separately, we're providing a list with photos and prices to help your with your budgeting needs.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Little House of Horrors Revived

Looks like our dear friend John B. Johnson will be breathing new, albeit undead, life into The Little House of Horrors name.  Mad Doctor Johnson has been doing a lot of horror make up around town lately, including some of the Lake WinneSPOOKah haunted house workers.  He has been more visible in the make up tents at the Chattanooga Zombie Walk

The rise of Zombies, and the living who love them, has sent Mad Doc Jonson running to his lab to work on zombie appliances.  Currently, he is cranking out bites and gashes for his own use, but by summer, he will be marketing his designs through Beauty and the Beast under the Little House of Horrors logo.