Thursday, March 13, 2014

New for Saint Patrick's Day, 2014

Long awaited and often requested, Beauty and the Beast has brand new adult sized Leprechaun rentals for ladies and men.  At $35 each, these have been remarkably popular.  Several have already gone out for Olympics parties (representing Ireland) and one is currently out as the Wizard of Oz himself.

Rentals include Jacket, vest and pants for both, plus the bow tie for men.  Shirts and hats are not included. 

The hats shown are $6.00 each, retail.

Male red wig is the "Billionaire" - Donald Trump style - from Rubies.

Also available for sale is a Leprechaun kit consisting of hat, vest, bow tie and beard.  Shown below,  pipe sold separately.

Beauty and the Beast also stocks green bow ties, feather boas and a variety of green wigs. 

 Hats:  $6.00 each.  As shown above, the top hat never looks quite as straight as manufacturer's photo in real life.

Boas:  $7.00 each.

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