Friday, October 3, 2014

Lake Winnie SPOOK House

Lake WinnepeSPOOKah

Photo from 2012 Lake WinnepeSPOOKah Haunted House

It's up and running!  Grab your kids and grandparents and hit the road for Lake WinnepeSPOOKah this October.  I strongly suggest that you go on a Friday night if you're not going to a local football game.... because lots of other parents WILL be at the ball game, you'll find shorter lines and less crowding at the park.

Things are just a little different for the event.  First, it's only open from 6 pm until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights in October.  Luckily, 2014 will have FIVE Fridays, including Halloween night, the 31st.  You will not be able to get into the park at a reduced price and then buy ride tickets separately.  It's just one admission price lets you in, and into all the fun and rides.  The Water Park area will be closed, but all the regular rides will be running.  The whole park is decorated for the season and many of the park employees will be dressed in Halloween Finery.  Local performers will be doing free shows and parades throughout the night.

Some confusion has arisen in the last couple of years about the location of the Haunted House.  It's NOT in the Wacky Shack as many believe.  It's at the back of the park, near Jukebox Junction.  Take the train from the station near the front gates to the back of the park and then walk through the scariest show at the park. 

PLEASE LEAVE THE KIDS OUTSIDE!  The haunt is to scary for most children.  It is not fair to other people in a group to have parents with small children yelling "Don't Scare my Kids!"  Most people go to haunted attractions to be frightened.  If they get stuck in a group with children, no one gets to have any fun.


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