Thursday, October 23, 2014

Clearance Spot Light 10/23

Today we turn the Spot Light on Children Sized costumes!   Let us show you a couple of exceptional costume pieces that are frequently overlooked.

First up is a Boy's Medium Executioner's costume, currently in the clearance section.  This one has been difficult for many customers to understand as it is not so much a costume as it is a set of dress up accessories.   The costume pieces include a black velvet poncho with sparkling silver hood, a molded plastic half mask with elastic strap, 3D vinyl collar and belt which tie in back, all painted to resemble  weathered brown leather. with silvery accents.

The costume accessories are listed as size 7-10, however it should work well for just about any child under 4' 6".   It is meant to be warn over the child's regular clothing, preferably a dark shirt and pants. Brighter colors could be used for contrast and visibility.  This author also believes this would be an excellent alternative for any child who may have problems getting dressed or wearing more complex costumes.

The most popular accessory would be the jumbo Executioner's Ax for $7.50. 

Other ideas would include a sword for a "Black Knight", and possibly a Cape in black or red.

Most swords under 36" in length are priced between $3 and $8.  The most popular capes with collars are 45" long and $10 each.


Next up is the fair maiden to be escorted by her brave knight or possibly be taken prisoner by the king's headsman. This lovely purple velvet gown has lighter pinkish sleeves and a golden cord tie belt.  It also includes a purple velvet choker and floral headpiece.

This gown would be a major asset to any dress up closet.  It is machine washable, soft, comfortable and quite simple to transform into just about anything with just a few simple accessories. 

Most popular accessories would be fairy wings in shades of purple or pink and gold fairy wand.  A gold sequin tiara turns it instantly into a princess.

If you want to think a little more outside the box, add a sheer purple hooded cape from the adult clearance section for just $7 and a purple, green and gold wand for a Mardi Gras Queen.

(All prices will be posted as soon as they can be verified.)

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