Monday, September 15, 2014

Free Pirate Sword - Coupon

Friday, September 19, 2015 is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day".  Many groups and businesses are finding all kinds of fun ways to celebrate this ever growing holiday.  Krispy Kreme Donuts will be giving away free donuts to people who talk like a pirate on that day.  If you dress in a costume you can get a full dozen! (See for details)

Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga had been planning on running a Pirates VS Ninjas promotion for this Halloween season with free swords to match your costumes.  However, with "Talk Like a Pirate Day" just around the corner, we thought it might be nice to start the Pirate side a little early!

Just print out the above coupon, or show it to the cashier on your mobile devise when you check out.  You'll get one free pirate sword, a $2.50 value with each pirate costume or set of accessories totaling $15 or more.  Pirate shirts or costumes may be adult or child sized.  Costumes from the Clearance sections DO COUNT, but must be pirates.  Accessories may include pirate or tricorn hats, boot tops, bandanas, eye patches, parrots, shoe buckles, gold coins, hoop earrings, striped socks, pirate tights, toy pirate pistol or other pirate swords.  Accessories may be used to bring costumes priced less than $15 up to the minimum, or as the costume itself.  (Example:  $25 Pirate costume = Free Sword.  $18 Pirate shirt  = Free Sword.  $13 Pirate hat Plus $6 Red & White striped socks  = Free Sword.) 

Limit One Free sword per costume or set of accessories up to 5 free swords per customer.

Arrr!  Now get your booty over to Dayton Blvd. before all the goodies are gone.

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