Sunday, June 22, 2014

They are coming to get you, Barbara!

Loyal Beauty and the Beast customer, long time partner in haunted crime, Mad Doctor in training, prop / set builder, neighbor and dear friend, John B. Johnson is now coming into his own as a Make Up Artist!  He has just returned from his first professional gig with TV's hit show "The Walking Dead."   (More information about that when I find out what I can that is NOT in violation of his gag order.)

John has always loved dressing up to scare people.  In fact, he had a brief appearance as a zombie in the 1983 classic movie "Day of the Dead".    While we officially met at Chattacon  our best days together were always working in the trenches of charity haunts including Jeff Colbert's "The House" at Eastgate mall and "The Little House of Horrors" in Red Bank.  These days, he is most often seen by area residents at Lake WinnepeSPOOKah. 

So how did our friend who only recently started dabbling in make up end up working for "The Walking Dead"?   He's been doing a lot of "Blow and Go" make ups for the Chattanooga Zombie Walk and Zombie Run events.  He got enough good reviews to get noticed. 

As you may have guessed, when TWD has very large groups of zombies for a shot, Greg Nicotero's team needs help getting all those people processed.  They have several levels of zombie make up, naturally, the close ups and special effects zombies get the star treatment from Nicotero and his expert team.  Then they have the foreground, middle and background zombies who don't need to be as detailed.... even less so as they move back in the pack.  After proving that he could do decent work FAST, John got the call.  Apparently, he impressed someone at the interview as he was called down to do a featured make up. 

As John has just returned from his gig and hasn't quite come down from geeking out over being on set, I'll get more information later, but for now, I'll leave you with some of the shots of his Zombie Walk work that got him noticed.

The above make up work was done by John B. Johnson using make up and appliances purchased from  Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga.

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  1. JJ does awesome work. I just had a photo shoot with him yesterday as the featured Zombie MUA (Make Up Artist.) He took a lady and made her look 2-3 weeks gone. Very good work! I can't wait to post pics! Feel free to contact me for my Facebook info.