Sunday, June 1, 2014

Keep it Clean!

 Do you ever wonder how Beauty and the Beast keeps their costumes clean?  It's no secret!  We do a lot of laundry.  The first big tip is the fact that we sell only Mehron brand theatrical make up products.  Let's face it, if your school is going to put on a musical production, you're going to need quality make up at reasonable price.  As a rental agent, I'm going to need a way to get that make up off my costumes.  Even when makeup is properly applied and set some of the color is going to transfer onto collars and cuffs before the end of the run.  That's why we use Greased Lightning to spot clean stains before we launder.

The vest above was used for a production of Shrek the Musical.  He came back looking a little green around the gills.  Actually, for six performances, I think it came back looking pretty good.  After a little squirt of cleaner and a little rub down, the vest was tossed into the washing machine as normal.  Now it's lamb's wool white and fluffy.  Ready to go again.

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