Thursday, January 23, 2014

What are we doing at Chattacon?

This poster, Susan Stringer and husband Jeff Stringer will be doing a two costuming panels at Chattacon 39, this weekend.  While it might be a little late to change your plans to attend, you might want to drop by and see us if you are going.

Saturday 2pm - Finely room
Masquerade to Cosplay

While I may have to shove a sock in Jeff's mouth because he detests the term "Cosplay"... We will be representing the old school masqueraders.  Jeff has a video presentation that we will be showing bits and pieces of classic presentations as we discuss how Masquerades used to be a platform to tell the story of your costumed character in 1 minute or less, without saying a word.  The other panelists will be explaining Cosplay - as we used to call that "Hall Costuming" before most Cosplayers were born.  Perhaps we can all come to a better understanding without any chairs being thrown.  Maybe not.  You'll have to attend and find out.

Saturday 4pm - Town Hall Theater
How do I make this? - Advanced 3D Costuming

As the topic implies, this one is basically a DIY discussion.  If you seen it around, someone on this panel should be able to tell you how it's done.  I know that Jeff and I have dabbled in so many different mediums for building costumes, constructing props, making masks, doing amateur wiring, we've probably tried everything at least once.  We're just as happy to tell you about the projects that failed as the ones that succeeded, feel free to learn from our mistakes.  It is our belief that you'll never learn anything new if you don't TRY - so get out of the kiddy pool and jump into some heavy duty art forms.  Costuming isn't crafting!  It's serious work, and the most fun you'll ever have destroying your home and probably your budgets.... but think of the satisfaction you'll have posing for photos.

Jeff is going to Culver Street to pick out some props for this one.  Be afraid.  Be Very Afraid!  He could drag out anything. 

So, you don't know who "The Stringers" are?  That's our family photo.  Left to right Jeff Stringer, Chris Fugate, Jake Stringer and Susan Stringer.

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