Saturday, January 11, 2014

Theme Parties

People love to do parties with themes.  With Mardi Gras or other Masquerades, you can have a theme within a theme so that you and your friends have a more coordinated look.  Mardi Gras parade floats frequently have all kinds of different themes like Aquatic, Fantasy/Romantic, Historical, or Geographic costumes that can be adapted for party wear.

Mardi Gras Renaissance themed lady
Madam Musketeer, Fun World #121454 - $40
Mask $14, Feather Boa $7, Big Pearl necklace $1.75
Fishnet tights $4
— at Beauty and the Beast Costumes.

A popular theme is Fairy Tale Characters.  While a large number of people seem to believe that Disney invented all the Fairy Tales, let me assure you, they did not.   While you may choose to work with a Disney style princess (especially if you have the dress left over from Halloween and want to get one more use out of it) or you might find costumes that represent a more modern version of what your favorite characters might wear.  These will give you lots of great options to work with in wider color palettes that might suit your completion better.

Mardi Gras Princess
Sassy Belle, Disguise #17735 $60
Mask $9, Feather Boa $7

Mardi Gras Renaissance themed lady.
Guenevere, Fun World #122044 - $35
Mask $7, Feather Boa $7, Tights $4
6 strands of gold beads $1.25

Mardi Gras Renaissance themed man
Robin Hood Kit, Forum #66109 $33
Swashbucklin' Pirate Shirt, Fun World #5410 $18

 — at Beauty and the Beast Costumes.

Geographical costumes include themes like Wild West, Egyptian, Arabian or Asian garb.  While some may feel these costumes are no longer 'PC', my experience has proven that most people choose those costumes because they are beautiful and exotic.  Most people prefer to dress as people they like and admire or wish to emulate.

Mardi Gras Egyptian themed Lady.
Princess of the Pyramids, Forum #59537 - $32
Egyptian headpiece $20,  Mask $9

Mardi Gras Egyptian themed man
Prince of Pyramids, Forum #59478 - $32
Egyptian headpiece $21
Domino eye mask $1

— at Beauty and the Beast Costumes.

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