Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mask Attachment Styles

You know that Masquerade / Mardi Gras masks come in an unfathomable array of colors and designs, but did you know they also come with different structures to facilitate wearing?

Whut?  Masks have different ways to attach them to your face.

Traditional masks are hand held in front of the face with a stick like handle.  These are great for women who just want to use the mask for a grand entrance or for flirting and don't really want to wear their mask all night.  Hand held masks do incumber one hand and can be forgot on tables at the end of the night, but they do not mess up a lady's make up.

Possibly the oldest method of securing a mask is the cloth or ribbon tie method, made famous by bandits tying pieces of cloth to their faces to hide their identity.  The Lone Ranger, Zorro and many male super heroes followed suit.

In the mid 20th century, elastic bands became the normal way to support your Halloween mask.  This method works best with small, light weight masks as heavier ones tend to give in to gravity.

Forum Novelties, Inc. patented their Flip Up mask style about a decade ago.  These were undoubtedly inspired by welding helmets.  The head band with adjustable arms attached to the back of the mask is a great way to secure a heavier, more elaborate mask.

Now, Forum Novelties has come up with an even better idea!  It's called "Comfort Arms".  These masks, which just came out in 2012 for the 2013 Mardi Gras season go on like sunglasses and can be worn over your prescription eye wear like 3D glasses at the movies.  I wish I had thought of this!  I'd be rich!

Beauty and the Beast Costumes in Red Bank carries the most astounding variety of masks available in the Chattanooga area.  You can check out detailed photos in their Face Book 'Masquerade Mask' album HERE.  Most of the more popular masks are shown and current prices are listed.  There are always many, many more available.

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