Monday, January 25, 2016

New Pics for Website

It's been a crazy year for Beauty & the Beast Costumes' store manager Susan Stringer.  With the new Star Wars movie on top of all the normal Christmas hustle and bustle, you may think that the website was forgotten.  That's not exactly true, but there was very little time to work on it.  After all the Santa
suits and other Christmas merchandise and decorations were put away, it was time to pull out the new mannequins and start doing a photo shoot of new and overlooked rental costumes.  Imagine Susan's surprise when she realized that many costumes from Wizard of Oz had never been photographed.  Many of the photos that had been taken years ago were either lost or of such poor quality as to render them useless.

With School Play season coming up soon, our faithful Gal Friday tossed a sheet up on the wall and grabbed a camera.  After a few embarrassing moments getting caught with half dressed dummies in the front room... at least they were NOT customers!... Susan had almost a hundred images to plow through.  Most are photos of the child sized animal costumes which aren't normally out on display.  Now the long process of cleaning up the photos and posting them to the website begins.

There were just over a dozen new photos posted to the website this weekend.   Some were used to start new pages for plays like Annie and Sound of Music which aren't complete.  These are just 'place holder' pages until the rest of the costumes can be photographed.  Others were quietly sliding into place like the Frozen Princess on the Disney page or Fifi the French maid on the Beauty and the Beast play page.

Other corrections were done such as adding links to the individual play pages from the "Rent School Plays" page list.  Arranging some pages in alphabetical order.  Finding a few more typographical and spelling errors.  Things are starting to move toward completion, even though the site will never be totally complete.

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