Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Shipment!

New Shipments are always fun!  They bring us new things and replace the favorites which have been sold out.  This week has been a little of both PLUS some new, freshly made costumes coming out of the back room.

Highly anticipated new rentals include a new Colonial Boy to join the Taft / Roosevelt suits which were finished up last month.  These are expected to do well for upcoming school projects.  As more and more schools are discovering the fun "Living Wax Museum" technique of studying American history, the demand is growing for better quality and more variation for male costume rentals.  Beauty and the Beast Costumes is stepping up to the plate to provide what our customers want.

 As many of our followers know, Mr. Mouse went for a walk on the wild side this spring and didn't find his way home again.  Miss Mouse has been quite lonely, but no more!  A new mouse is in the house and he's got longer, shiner fur than the last one.  We are sure he will be out on the town with Miss Mouse attending birthday parties and events as soon as people see his bright, fresh face.

Liquid Latex!  $18 a Quart

Many of our customers will be happy to know that the less expensive Liquid Latex is back in stock!  At $18 a quart, this is a favorite for Zombies and make up artists who like to make their own prosthetic appliances.   The quality is very close to that of the Merhon brand which sells for $27 a quart. 

Product is actually packaged in an easy pour bottle, however photos of that bottle are not currently available.
Hot new "Milady of the Castle" costume sells for $56  and looks fantastic!  Whether you are on your way to a Renaissance fair, convention, a party to find your Knight in Armor or just watching Game of Thrones - THIS is the dress you want to be wearing.  It's one of those you really do have to see in person to understand how exquisite it is.  The gold brocade in the center front is spun with golden metallic threads.  The pinkish trim on the collar and framing the golden panel is a delicate floral with sparkling magenta metallic motif.  Top it off with plush faux fur cuffs and you can't go wrong!  Available in adult sizes Small, Medium and Large.
Are you more of a horror fan than a princess?  The new Annebelle costume is the perfect Halloween outfit for you!  This long, shimmering costume satin dress is scaled to fit a man, but girls like it too!  At $47, it includes the mask and wig so there is no muss, no fuss getting dressed.  While there are plenty of creepy and broken dolls out there - NONE of them can compare to the original doll from hell... ANNEBELLE!

Not really in the mood to be a superhero?  Then be the ultimate villain in the new Ultron costume for $56.  It includes full body suit with padded accents and high quality, durable face mask.  It comes in Standard and XL so you can terrorize all the Avengers you see on the streets.

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