Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Super Heroes, Villains & Gamers

Super Hero mania has hit the Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga website!  SEVENTY EIGHT photos of adult sized costumes went up last night,  August 3, 2015 to kick off the Browse at Home, Come in to Buy phase of operations.  Our hopes are to get most, if not all, of our costume inventory on line to help busy customers shop from home or on the go in time for Halloween.  

Please bare with us as we work on getting the images arranged and properly labeled with names and prices in logical groupings.

Inventory Lists are also going up on the website with 2 purposes in mind.  First, is the Retail Costume List which helps the web builder find images for all of the costumes.  Secondly is the Accessory List to assist in the next phase of site reconstruction to suggest the most popular accessories to go with complete purchased or rented costumes, or to help customers design and create their own costumes.  Both of these lists, even though they are currently still incomplete, are there to show new customers the enormous range of inventory available, in stock and ready to go, all year around, provided by the only full service costume shop in the Tri State area.

As Beauty and the Beast does not employ a full time web technician, this over haul of the website will take some time to complete.  In fact, it will never be 100% complete as new things are happening all the time as older items get phased out.  As always, we are here to serve our community and listen to their requests.

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