Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walmart is WAY over priced!

Wow!  Most people believe that the chain stores have the lower prices than independent shops on everything.  Or they think that you can always find the best deals on line.  Walmart has been the 'go to' place for discount shopping for decades... but look what I found on their website while searching for an image. 

The Rubie's inexpensive children's skull makeup kit is listed at Regular price of $10.13, marked down to $8.44.  Beauty and the Beast has sold these same make up kits for $2.50 for over 20 years!  Walmart's price is listed at FIVE TIMES our regular price.  Their clearance price is $8.44.  Beauty and the Beast is giving them away FREE with any $20 purchase.

Beauty and the Beast has carried the full line of these makeup kits, including the Skull shown above, but also the Vampire, Witch, Devil, Cat, Cow, Clown, Camo and Pirate versions almost from the time we started in 1989.  The price has NEVER gone up!  However, now they don't sell as well as they once did and we are phasing them out to make room for a new line of water washable makeup kits.

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